Oh the nostalgy



There's no year 2000 without Winamp. That classic media player was the heir to Windows Media Player. I was staring at the trippy visualizations all night long after my lava lamp broke. It was midnight and I waited my friend to send me blink-182 All The Small Things.

On my best listening days I had over 3000 mp3s at my computer AND all the songs were piled on one playlist. My computer fan was having the hardest time. Listening music wasn't easy. I borrowed compact discs from library, then ripped them on computer. There was like 20 songs named something like unknown artist: don't have a clue what song this is. Fuel In my hands I'm looking at you.

It got a little bit easier when I found Limewire. I'm pretty sure I shared files from family computer I wasn't suppose to. The good old days of Windows XP, Winamp, Limewire and 128kbps MP3s that took forever to download. My entire taste in music is based on that era. I'm sure without all that, I would have never listened the bands from different genres so easily. We had conversations with friends that went like this: Hey, have you heard this song it's cool. Years 2000-2004 Never Forget.

Chicken is better with skin. So is Winamp. Thank you for the memories.

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