Gadgets before smart phones (part 3)

In the 1990s there was lot of tiny thingies that was mostly forgotten.

See-Through Electronics

TVs With A VHS Player Built Into Them

I had one. Static was strong with this one. And if you watched tapes with it, the vhs itself would heat up. Then that vhs just got stuck.

Phosphore watches

I don't know what radioactive poison there is but it still glows in the dark. It doesn't stay in time though.

Spiral Key Rings

Bright neon color + gets stuck everywhere, count me in. We also stretched the spiral and let it go, for the sake of fun. This is a broken version of mine, I got it from a kid's magazine.

LCD handheld games

Tiger games are like kids laptop, totally useless. Why not let your kids to use family computer, nothing better than downloading viruses to it.

TIGER made lot of disney related games and they all suck. Why not make a decent game?

Donkey Kong JR. was saved by my hubby because as a kid I poured juice on it. It still works and it is not gooey anymore.

Those wacky sticky hands

Even 90s kids played with slimy things. We throwed them at walls and ceilings until it was dirty. And did not work anymore, obliviously.

Holographic thingies

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