Oh the nostalgy


Here I collect things that make me nostalgic

Wanted: pet dinosaur
As a kid I wanted a velociraptor. It did not happen, obviously. I did not have the dog either.

My earliest gaming memories

Internet throughout childhood to teenage years
My thoughts about how the internet has changed

King of the world
I was a hardcore titanic fan

Offline vs. Online
What I don't miss from the 90s and early 2000

My precious collection

Project Panini
The Little Mermaid panini

Game gems
Couple of gems I used to play

What 90s was about?
I'll let you know. There will be several topics so stay stuned.

Sounds from the past
Go ahead and listen

There's no year 2000 without Winamp

MSN messenger
Remember that time when ”what's your msn?” was a thing.

Cellphone fantasies
Tune your phone 2000s style

Shareware games
All the free demo games I remember playing more than 1 hour

Glimpses of past (un)cool things
What it says

Things that were normal back then but not anymore
O tempora, o mores