Oh the nostalgy


My love for MSN messenger is going strong

Remember that time when ”what's your msn?” was a thing. There was also kind of shady forums where you could post your msn account and have buddies.

Waiting HOURS for a single song to transfer. I had conversations that were nothing else but sending cool songs I downloaded from limewire. I had my playlist on shuffle playing the most guilty pleasure sh*t and MSN displayed what song I was listening. It was super embarrassing! Personal messages were supposed to be cryptic so that people would think I was mysterious and edgy teenager. Usually it was lyrics I liked. And if crush didn't like you it was something like why can't I be with you? Deep and meaningful.

When I got tired of the yellow duck (...you know what I mean) I wanted to find the perfect avatar to use. But MSN shrinked the picture. 100X100 pixelated sunset wasn't pretty.

I rushed home from school to talk to the people I already spent all day with. I remember one over night field trip to some country school. We found a computer lab from there and then it was chatting like we never chatted before. Did not get caught.

I was playing with a theory. What if people still wrote on convos that ”I'm eating lunch brb?” Only to avoid the irritating winks and nudges and so that your buddy doesn't wonder where did you go. I used brb to everything eg.going to color my hair brb. What a weird world it would be, if that was still happening.

Nudging someone when they didn't instantly reply (and had forgot to say BRB). This is what we did before. And I miss it so much.

My undying opinion is that MSN group conversations beat current instant messages!!! I can honestly say it was much easier to manage several conversations on MSN. Huge disappointment was when I saw a friend writing something and that message was never sent!!!

And last: the 5 best things about MSN
  1. Customizing chat background to reflect your aesthetic

  2. Creating your own emoticon shortcuts

  3. Scaring the sh*t out of your friends with winks.
    Heart attacks were certain if you wore headphones.

  4. Signing in and out of MSN to attract the attention of your crush.
    Honestly, did that ever work?

  5. Changing your status to appear offline so you no longer had to talk to someone.
    BUT still continue to talk with your best friend after that. Those were the times.

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