Oh the nostalgy


I am the king of the world

What I miss being on the 90s kid.

I had a penpal who I met at the summer camp. We both were crazy about Leo (DiCaprio, not DaVinci)

So we wrote letters to each other, talking about him, fantasizing what it would be like to kiss him and oh gosh, even hold hands. We were eleven years old, not retarded.

We collected stickers and cut every tiny picture of the magazines. We wrote fan mail to him and screamed when we got response (of course we thought he wrote the letter back personally)

Some of those things are still safe. But the teenage dream, the feeling that you WILL marry Leo some day, is gone. Forever.

When I watch those memories, I feel a rush of nostalgy.

The tingling feeling when you sat in the dark movie theater and you giggled in excitement (you can't wait to see Leo on the screen) and after couple of hours you decide you must see that movie again. Again and again and again. And so you do, after 24th time you still want to see it, you listen Celine Dion, you dye your hair red and got mad because you're not as pretty as Kate Winslet and you buy all kind of merchandice. Photos of Leo on the red carpet. Yes please. Movie reviews on newspapers, definitely.

And now I think I'm an adult. I don't feel the love drug when I watch the news. Or my favorite movies.

Without Titanic my life would never been the same.

And my penpal, sadly after a year we didn't write to each other again because she got two guinea-pigs. Kids, right?!