Oh the nostalgy


Things that were normal back then but not anymore

Life itself:

  • To be out of reach of other people all day without anyone finding it unusual or rude behavior.
  • Pen pal sections of youth magazines and handwritten letters, sometimes you had to wait more than a month for a friend's letter if you happened to live in another country.
  • Ordering from catalogs and waiting for weeks if you didn't take the fastest and most expensive shipping option.
  • Participating in contests with coupons that were found among magazines and had to be sent to a certain address in an envelope after filling in your personal information.
  • Joining fan clubs just because you got a lot of unnecessary bullshit, which was worth more than gold when there was an idol's picture or name in all the little things.
  • You had to look up information from dictionaries and you could only hope that there was enough information on the subject in one article if you were doing a subject on a certain subject.
  • You could smoke inside the restaurants freely.
  • About cameras and photos:

  • Ordinary and disposable cameras whose pictures you didn't see until the pictures had been developed.
  • Going through the negatives if you wanted to order duplicates.
  • Video games and gaming:

  • Playing a video game multiplayer so that all players were in the same room.
  • The sound that everyone remembers when the computer was connected to the internet and sometimes it took a long time with the internet connections of that time.
  • You could also play money games as a minor.
  • Movies:

  • On Friday nights you had to go to the nearby video rental store to buy a bunch of candy and rent videos.
  • Rewinding rental movies to the beginning before returning them to the video rental company.
  • When the VCR pulled the video tape into it and it usually happened to be your favorite video.
  • When you only saw in the magazine what movies were coming out that day and you had to be in front of the TV at the time when the movie started (or ready timing for VHS recording).
  • About music:

  • A good song came from the radio and you wanted to record it on a cassette, so you had to press the play and record button, and rarely did you get the whole song.
  • Buying a CD album just for one song.
  • Vacations and travel:

  • Getting travel brochures from the nearby kiosk. A travel destination was selected by browsing the brochure.
  • The brochure had separately the pluses and minuses of the destination.
  • On summer vacations, just looking at the travel brochure made you excited about how wonderful the resort itself would be, whether it was a city vacation or an amusement park.
  • Waiting for the trip was even more exciting than the trip itself.
  • Phone:

  • Every home usually had a phone book where the names and numbers of the most important friends and relatives were written.
  • You had to talk to a friend's parents or siblins if you wanted to ask a friend out and friend wasn't the first to answer their home phone.
  • When you always answered the phone without even knowing who was calling.
  • You had to go through a big phone book when you just wanted to order a pizza.
  • Memorizing phone numbers was not a superpower in the 90s.

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