Flea markets – full of rubbish or treasures?

Thanks to Covid19 our favorite flea market was closed since march and when it opened, we rushed there. We had a serious conversation why every big bill must come at the same month! Why do you need a car and electricity?

And oh boy, yesterday there were treasures everywhere and tremendous success.

Me and my hubby have a common collectible: retro savings banks. Green elephant now has buddies. There was also a gigantic green elephant (same as the picture) that was left out because there was no chance it could fit anywhere.

And then I had serious discussion with my heart and brain that I don't need Disney's Bambi glossy book. (It cost almost 30dollars). The brain won.

Can you imagine the nostalgy and joy when I found Carl Barks The Old Castle's Secret.

It was a comic of my childhood that I read hundreds of times in the light of a flashlight. When I was home alone, I hid in the walk-in closet over a pile of rugs to read. Those were the few happy things from my childhood that I still remember with warmth to this day.

The only reason I did not recognise it at first was because childhood version did not have covers.

Fun fact:

My sister was mad at me when I ”read” Donald Duck and magazines was always torn somehow. I think that the same accident happened with The Old Castle's Secret.

I maybe did a little dance that now I have that comic with first-class quality and a beautiful front cover.
Here are my favorite pages since 1994.

This secret from the 80s is now safe with me. Hi big sister, sorry for tearing up the comics.

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