Oh the nostalgy


Yes, but if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists.

Since I was a little kid, I have wanted my own velociraptor.

Why is that you may ask. Well let me tell you, have a nice cup of coffee and relax.

Before the dawn of dinosaurs (1993) came the Jurassic Park movie. I was home alone, under the blanket and I was in AWE. So many dinosaurs walking around, eating people (and one goat) causing mayhem. What more a girl could ask.

So there I was, watching and screaming when the goat got eaten. And dancing around when stupid grown-ups got what they deserve. I'm a animal lover at my heart.

Seeing that poor goat gettin' eaten made me a fan of horror movies. The more blood the better. That movie made me who I am today, a carnivore. But no goats, they've suffered enough.

Jurassic Park sequels were not so great. There were dinos, I give you that, but the atmosphere was gone. I think its because my life was so full of other interesting stuff that dinosaurs where not so important to me anymore.

So I was at school and dreamed about having a pet dinosaur. It was math I think (equation or something like that) I doodled on my notebook and looked out of the window and was so f*cking tired. How ever I need math ever when in the future I have my phone in my pocket.

Honestly teacher, I could be walking my raptor Rex right now.

So now when I'm a dull adult (paying taxes and stuff) I've been watching animations about dinousaurs. The Land Before Time and We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story are my all time favorite. Both I watched after the Jurassic Park.

I want to thank my parents that they never gave me a dog. Having imagination dinosaur was waayyyy better. It got me away from those boring math lessons. So thank you Rex*, it was a blast.

*I named him after Komissar Rex, because you know, dogs are cool too.