Oh the nostalgy


Hey there fellow surfer. This is my emotional roller coaster.

I'm Jenni, who runs on nostalgy. I like platform games, 90s music and Biker Mice from Mars.


Every week I told my mum I hate Hanson. Once she got me a Hanson shirt and said I remember you talked about them. I did not speak her for over a week. I never wore that shirt and hide it in my closet.

I never cared BSB either, but I got myself Aaron Carter cd. I was convinced ”I Will Be Yours” would be my wedding song.

This is what I remember doing on the internet.

Library ponies

I was at the library looking for pictures of ponies, and wrote the links down. When I got home I wrote the link to the internet explorer so I could look at the ponies again.

I still remember one www-page: there were pics of falabellas and I wanted them all. My mind was blown when libraries got printers and I could print all the ponies in black and white.

Cheat codes

I also wrote them down because I was not allowed to look them up at the internet. Internet was only for school work (and ponies). Sadly I couldn't write very well so often C and G got mixed up. I was super sad when the cheat code didn't work.

The blasted modem

When I got my first computer around 1997-1998, we had dial-up modem. You know that annoying little bastard that made the beep-boop sound. And when the computer finally connected to the interwebs after 15 minutes of waiting, my mum insisted to use the phone.

”Mum I'm doing a school project! Well okay, 5 more minutes.”
And it was enough time to find one pony.

Note to readers: I wasn't spoiled. I could be surfing only 15 minutes a day. It was super expensive and very slow. I also made web pages. I used Geocities and Angelfire and it breaks my heart that those services are long gone.

So this page is my tribute to the the 90s & y2k as I remember it. Enjoy.

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